This company is NOT affiliated with schools, students, charities, or fundraisers.

We do NOT offer free gifts like cd's, t-shirts, and gift cards.

Do not post date your checks because checks are deposited immediately.

Verify your address before singing the receipt.

No verbal agreements recognized.

Sales people are not employees of United Circulation, they are Independent Contractors.

This is a "For Profit" company. Magazines purchased are not a tax write off.

Delivery of your first issue takes up to 120 days from the date of sale.

We do not offer books, cd's, posters, or anything other then magazines for sale.

Once your order is placed, you will not receive any contact from United Circulation unless we feel the need to contact you about your order or check.

Agents are only selling magazines to win the contest. If they tell you otherwise, they are lying.

In the event that an Independent Contractor misrepresents themselves or this company, please contact us immediately.